About the session

Your first Hypnotherapy session will last 90 minutes, and it can be in our clinic in Miranda or online.

In the first part of the session, we will discuss with you the presenting issues. Once we have a good understanding of what’s going on for you, we will teach you how your mind and emotion work. We will give you tools and techniques that you can start to use immediately to not only feeling better, but doing better.

The second part of the session is the actual Hypnosis, we will guide you into a relaxed state in which we will provide you with suggestions that will help you overcome the presenting issue by shifting your perspective and beliefs to more useful ones, allowing you to get back in control of yourself.

You will get the recording of your Hypnosis session, so you can listen to it multiple time and gain maximum benefits.

If you want to find out more about hypnotherapy, please check our resources section.

Yes, you can choose to have your sessions conducted online or in person at our clinic. Online sessions have been shown to be very effective.

The first session last 90 minutes (although we allow for up to 2 hours). Every session after that will last 1 hour.

Every person and every issue is different, so it’s impossible to tell for sure how many session you will need. On average though, to deal with most issues, it is likely to take 4-6 sessions. Depression is an exception and might take 8-10 sessions.

Pay as you go:

First session (90 minutes):  $199

Follow up sessions (60 minutes):  $199

Buy a bundle and save $300 (effectively getting the first session for free)

5 Sessions:  $799

To apply for a discount bundle, just book the normal first session from our online booking system.

At the end of your session, you can choose to pay just for the first session or to upgrade to the 5 session bundle.

Absolutely not! We believe that to achieve the maximum benefits, each session needs to be tailored to your needs and spoken directly to you. No generic script can do that, therefore we don’t use scripts, but rather design and customise the therapy to be as effective and beneficial as possible specifically to you based on a thorough understanding of your circumstances and issues.

Yes, you can get rebates for Hypnotherapy. We recommend that you check with your health insurance provider if you are covered for hypnotherapy, please keep in mind that some health insurance offer cover only for specific type of services (ie. Quit smoking or weight loss)

Salyna DelfinoSalyna Delfino
21:58 17 Jan 22
I met Nic at a quite low point and it truly changed my life. He helped me work through some very difficult issues concerning my depression and anxiety. He is very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental which really put me at ease and allowed me to truly open up and tackle difficult issues in a safe and comfortable environment. He made himself available through Zoom calls (as I live quite far away) and I will forever be grateful for the guidance he provided me.He even taught me the power of mediation and some very important spiritual life lessons, which has been a big part of my life now and is something I practice and apply daily. I've made some incredible breakthroughs thanks to Nic.
Kia DelfinoKia Delfino
00:41 11 Jan 22
I have been in limbo and anxious feeling for a very long time without understanding the trigger. And I took a chance by contacting Nick who right away made himself available for having zoom sessions with me.Nick’s ability to pinpoint my main issue, complimented by his humbleness, has amazingly led me into some realisation that I would never been able to figure out myself. He is very articulate, gentle and compassionate. Nick made several recommendations for me to improve my wellbeing and sanity through his precious guidance on how to see things from different and better perspective. The hypnotherapy session was another highlight. He made me feel so relax, and allowed me to reach my most inner sense without even me noticing it. My vision is growing and now I have much better perspective in life and in many aspects, personally and professionally.Thank you, Nick. You are such a compassionate and gifted soul and I am honoured to know you.
Patricia SolbertPatricia Solbert
05:56 27 Dec 21
Nick is an incredible hypnotherapist who really manages to get to the bottom of the underlying issue by deeply listening first and then very specifically targeting the issue of concern. The effect even after a few sessions were remarkable and finally helped me overcome my deeply ingrained fear of failure and need for perfectionism that have been holding me back so many times especially in my professional life. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who would like to take their own personal development to the next level.
Graeme MyburghGraeme Myburgh
20:06 26 Dec 21
In a single session, Nic helped me quieten negative voices that have been tormenting me for decades. These voices have practically disappeared and my mind is a far more peaceful place. It really is quite miraculous. I'm completely sold on the power of hypnotherapy and Nic's mastery of it.
Riccardo MuraRiccardo Mura
14:28 23 Dec 21
If you ask me, this is the most powerful type of therapy that exists, and it is in exceptionally good hands with Nic! Nic is a wise, kind, and peaceful man. He helped me greatly with some social anxiety that I was carrying around with me for too long. After the first session I was already feeling 60% better and it was a matter of 2/3 extra sessions for me to feel like that issue was fully resolved, and I could finally carry on with my life more freely.I have seen Nic helping some of my friends as well and he did an amazing job with them, too. He makes you feel comfortable and safe and will work together with you, with an effective and targeted approach.I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a personal issue and does not want to spend years and years in therapy, but rather values his/her time and wants to embrace life fully now.