“Hypnotherapy was amazing, I now recommend Nic to everyone!” – Adriana A.

Inner Peace Hypnotherapy In the Sutherland Shire – Miranda

91% of clients report that their issue is greatly improved and often completely resolved, usually with 3 to 5 sessions
100% Safe – 100% Natural – Consistent, reliable and long lasting results

Welcome to Inner Peace Hypnotherapy: Your Journey to Positive Change Begins Here

Are you tired of the constant battle with stress, anxiety, and unwanted habits? Are you yearning for a life free from the constraints of your own mind? You’re in the right place. At Inner Peace Hypnotherapy, we’re going to give you the skills to rediscover your inner strength and tranquility.

Our Commitment to Your Transformation

Every year, countless individuals grapple with anxiety, searching for relief in various therapies. Yet, many find themselves trapped in a cycle of frustration, lacking the results they truly long for. Our promise? Break free from this cycle. Experience genuine change that transcends mere weeks and lasts a lifetime.

Unleashing the Power of Strategic Psychotherapy

Welcome to a realm of strategic psychotherapy, a groundbreaking approach that empowers you to rewrite the script of your mind. We delve deep into the intricacies of anxiety, unraveling its sources and effects. But the true magic lies in our ability to guide you towards new patterns, new perspective, new ways of thinking, and a fresh dialogue with yourself.

Your Journey: A Life worth Living

Imagine a life where your thoughts no longer hold you captive, where anxiety recedes, and a calm confidence takes its rightful place. Our process is promotes an effortless transformation, designed to help you embrace life’s moments with newfound positivity.

Embrace the Change: Your Story Awaits

If you’re ready to shed the weight of anxiety and reclaim your life, your journey begins with a simple step – reaching out. Our team is here to guide you towards a future where inner peace is your natural state of being. Embrace the change, and let’s craft your story together.

Unlock Your Potential: Get Started Today

Begin your voyage to inner peace and personal empowerment. Contact us now to embark on a journey that transcends limitations, redefines your potential, and opens doors to a life of serenity and fulfillment.

Experience Inner Peace Hypnotherapy: Transform Your Tomorrow, Today

“I feel like a new person and can now move forward with confidence” – William Bennet

“After just one session I got fantastic results, I could not believe how much my situation improved.” – Marina T.

“The process was so insightful, refreshing and a game changer. Each session was inspiring and extremely helpful.
Thank you Nic for being so passionate about what you do, And for helping me so much.
I’m forever grateful.” – Benny Argall

How and why hypnotherapy works

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of psychological and physical conditions. This is why it has been officially recognized by conventional medicine as a highly credible, reputable and effective tool for more than 60 years.

Effectiveness of hypnotherapy compared to other therapies

From a study conducted by Alfred Barrios PhD in 2010, reported in American Health Magazine

“I am extremely happy with the results.” – Nick R.

What People Say About Us

Mark StuartMark Stuart
19:23 15 Dec 22
I highly recommend nick and his hypnotherapy, what a life changer his had brought to me and my family to bring to life a better person, he has helped with processing thoughts, anxiety and depression, his work is amazing, I have already referred a few friends, if you're looking to book in don't waste time like I did.
Benny ArgallBenny Argall
08:16 30 Aug 22
Life changing !!!I suffered debilitating panic attacks for 3 years.And I tried everything to overcome them,to no avail.Then I met Nic.He’s brilliant.The process was so insightful and refreshing and a game changer.Each session was inspiring and extremely helpful.Thank you Nic for being so passionate about what you do,And for helping me so much.I’m forever grateful.Thank you so much.
Lauren IbbotsonLauren Ibbotson
22:58 16 Aug 22
After 10 years of therapy I realised I had done enough talking and now needed tools. I had never been to hypnotherapy and was really unsure about the process but it was such an amazing experience. Nic is excellent at guiding you to have tools to be able to heal and overcome stress. I would go every single week if I could.I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and loved ones and I already have. Excellent & caring hypnotherapist.
I saw nick with no expectations, I really didn’t know about it too much and I thought possibly how much could it realllllyyy help, but nick helped me so much. I am able to control my intrusive thoughts or not think about them at all, he’s so knowledgeable and knows all the right things to say and implement into your brain. Hypnotherapy was amazing I now recommend him to everyone! Just do it everyone don’t think just do, you won’t regret it.
William BennettWilliam Bennett
02:44 09 Apr 22
Thank you so much Nic for helping me get on top of my anxiety and other personal issues. After 6 sessions I feel like a new person and can now move forward with confidence. The tools that Nic has taught me, I can now accept and conquer what life throws at me. Many thanks once again Nic.
Daniela mattiaceDaniela mattiace
04:46 03 Feb 22
Nic is one of those naturally gifted therapists you don't meet so often! He pairs is talent with dedication and genuine care for the patient's health, making them feel completely at ease during the session. My insomnia significantly improved after just 1 session, which also brought up some other inner issues that Nic helped healing. I cannot recommend Nic highly enough!
Salyna DelfinoSalyna Delfino
21:58 17 Jan 22
I met Nic at a quite low point and it truly changed my life. He helped me work through some very difficult issues concerning my depression and anxiety. He is very patient, understanding, and non-judgmental which really put me at ease and allowed me to truly open up and tackle difficult issues in a safe and comfortable environment. He made himself available through Zoom calls (as I live quite far away) and I will forever be grateful for the guidance he provided me.He even taught me the power of mediation and some very important spiritual life lessons, which has been a big part of my life now and is something I practice and apply daily. I've made some incredible breakthroughs thanks to Nic.
Kia DelfinoKia Delfino
00:41 11 Jan 22
I have been in limbo and anxious feeling for a very long time without understanding the trigger. And I took a chance by contacting Nick who right away made himself available for having zoom sessions with me.Nick’s ability to pinpoint my main issue, complimented by his humbleness, has amazingly led me into some realisation that I would never been able to figure out myself. He is very articulate, gentle and compassionate. Nick made several recommendations for me to improve my wellbeing and sanity through his precious guidance on how to see things from different and better perspective. The hypnotherapy session was another highlight. He made me feel so relax, and allowed me to reach my most inner sense without even me noticing it. My vision is growing and now I have much better perspective in life and in many aspects, personally and professionally.Thank you, Nick. You are such a compassionate and gifted soul and I am honoured to know you.
Patricia SolbertPatricia Solbert
05:56 27 Dec 21
Nick is an incredible hypnotherapist who really manages to get to the bottom of the underlying issue by deeply listening first and then very specifically targeting the issue of concern. The effect even after a few sessions were remarkable and finally helped me overcome my deeply ingrained fear of failure and need for perfectionism that have been holding me back so many times especially in my professional life. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who would like to take their own personal development to the next level.
Graeme MyburghGraeme Myburgh
20:06 26 Dec 21
In a single session, Nic helped me quieten negative voices that have been tormenting me for decades. These voices have practically disappeared and my mind is a far more peaceful place. It really is quite miraculous. I'm completely sold on the power of hypnotherapy and Nic's mastery of it.
Riccardo MuraRiccardo Mura
14:28 23 Dec 21
If you ask me, this is the most powerful type of therapy that exists, and it is in exceptionally good hands with Nic! Nic is a wise, kind, and peaceful man. He helped me greatly with some social anxiety that I was carrying around with me for too long. After the first session I was already feeling 60% better and it was a matter of 2/3 extra sessions for me to feel like that issue was fully resolved, and I could finally carry on with my life more freely.I have seen Nic helping some of my friends as well and he did an amazing job with them, too. He makes you feel comfortable and safe and will work together with you, with an effective and targeted approach.I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a personal issue and does not want to spend years and years in therapy, but rather values his/her time and wants to embrace life fully now.

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Face to face sessions are held at our Hypnotherapy Clinic in the Sutherland Shire – Miranda – $248 per session

Online sessions are available via Zoom or Google Meets – $248 per session

5 Session Package($1,240) $998 

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If after the first 30 minutes of the session you feel this is not for you, you are free to leave, no charge.

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About our hypnotherapy sessions 

“I literally had goosebumps throughout the session witnessing just how much my mindset has shifted in less than an hour.” – Hana D.

About your therapist

Hello, I’m Nic – a dedicated advocate of human potential. Over the past 15 years, I’ve immersed myself in research, mentorship, and the art of helping individuals conquer their inner barriers. My passion lies in empowering you to break free and embrace your true potential. Your holistic well-being, serene happiness, and inner peace are the driving motivation behind my journey as a therapist.

Why do I do what I do?

Facilitating the change into a life of genuine fulfillment fuels my purpose. Unleashing your potential, overcoming limitations, and basking in true joy is the cornerstone of my commitment. This is why I’m here, standing alongside you, guiding you toward the life you’ve always long for.

Why hypnotherapy?

It’s a transformative tool, backed by numerous researches and successes, that I’ve chosen to be at the core of my practice. Over time, it’s demonstrated its unparalleled ability to bring rapid, profound, and enduring change.

Have questions?

I’m all ears. Let’s chat over the phone, an opportunity to explore the possibilities that lie ahead. And when you’re ready, our Hypnotherapy Clinic in Miranda, Sutherland Shire, warmly awaits you.

Inner Peace Hypnotherapy: Transform Your Tomorrow, Today

“Nic is one of those naturally gifted therapists you don’t meet so often! He pairs is talent with dedication and genuine care for the patient’s health, making them feel completely at ease during the session.” – Daniela Mattiace

Why Choose Inner Peace Hypnotherapy?

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The most advanced methods – Best Results

Strategic Hypnotherapy is aligned with the most recent evidence based methods available today and offer the best possible results. 91% of Clients* report that their issue is greatly improved or completely resolved (* with 3 sessions or more)

Customise Icon

100% personalised to you

Unlike most hypnotherapists, we never read scripts. We first gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances and issues and then personalise the session completely to you to ensure it brings you the maximum benefits.

Recording Icon

Keep the recording forever

Each session will be recorded and you will be given a copy to keep.  Repeat listenings allow the material to be absorbed at an ever deeper level.

Re-listen to the sessions anytime you want, even months or years later.

I got my life back – I feel mentally stronger

Laura C.

What Clients Have to Say

hypnotherapy expert in Sydney

In a single session, Nic helped me quieten negative voices that have been tormenting me for decades. These voices have practically disappeared and my mind is a far more peaceful place. It really is quite miraculous. I’m completely sold on the power of hypnotherapy and Nic’s mastery of it.

Nic is an amazing person and therapist, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a great listener and always treats your problem/situation very professionally. After just one session I got fantastic results, I could not believe how much my situation improved. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that I get the best results from the therapy.

Nic is a grounded hypnotherapist who is dedicated to helping people heal and transform. The one-on-one sessions were very relaxing and the process was easy and natural. Nic has shown me powerful ways to manage my setbacks and get my life back on the right track. He took the time to ask the right questions up front so he can deliver the best possible outcome for me. I would highly recommend Nic.

Sydney's best hypnotherapist

I have been both a fellow-practitioner and client of Nic’s, and I can highly recommend him. He has a wonderful calm and tranquil manner, while at the same time delivering eye-opening insights and alternative perspectives. Nic has helped me with a range of issues that were bothering me, including anxiety about a medical condition, and now those worries don’t bother me at all, I can calmly take it as it comes.

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